Friday, August 19, 2016

Back to School

With Challenge B Equipping August 8th, and a CC start date of August 15th ...
this school year started far too early for my liking.
I just wasn't ready.
As the Challenge B director, there's more work on my plate this year.
I'm excited about it, but overwhelmed and stressed.
Only having 2 kids in class could be awkward.
I'm praying that it isn't.  It sounds like Micah is studious.
I just hope he's interactive when it comes to discussions!

Shiloh is in 8th grade - Challenge B.
Landon is in 7th grade - Challenge A.
Sawyer and Liberty are in Foundations.  He's in 3rd grade and she in 1st.

Steve has offered to step in and help more and get more involved.
I'm not sure how that will play out.
Running a business is a full time job, but he thinks he can do both.
Time will tell.

Homeschooling is a gift.
I'm thankful to be able to be home with these dumplings, no matter how hard the days may be.

We are starting with a new community.
Transitioning to Evergreen will be good, as we started feeling out of place in Parker.
But change is never easy.
I expect it to take all year to build friendships.
I'm thankful for Melissa and Kiya.
Having 2 friends eases the stress of change just a bit.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Steve is coaching Sawyer's baseball team now.
He's playing on a rec league.

Sawyer wasn't so sure he wanted to play catcher, but Steve put him in the pads ...
and if I dare say, he made quite a cute catcher!
I think he even enjoyed himself!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Husky Haven

Yes, we are now a dog family.
Meet Dash and Dixie.

Right after our Colorado Ultimate Road Trip ...
mom went with me to South Dakota to make the purchase of a lifetime.

While this was a huge step for our family ... the discussion is not new.
In fact, we have been discussing this for over four years.
We have had four dogs in our home, none by my choice.
Steve and the kids have wanted a dog for a long time.
I have always said no.

I thought that maybe, one day, we could get dogs that we could breed.
I've always wanted a Husky.
Steve wanted a lap dog.
Evergreen + mountain lions doesn't = a lap dog.

Although Steve wasn't too thrilled at the thought of getting TWO Huskies ...
it was time to make a move.
I wanted the conversation to stop.
I was tired.
I couldn't talk about it even one more time.

The drive to South Dakota was not uneventful.
After stopping at Walmart to get collars to go with the leashes I bought,
I tried to take them out to pee.

Dash decided he wasn't going to tolerate a leash.
(Little did I know, he'd never been on one before.)
He lived up to his name, wiggled his head out of the collar, and dashed off.
I chased him.  And chased him.  And chased him some more.
I truly thought I would never see him again.

Thankfully, he got caught near a work shed, where I was able to grab a hold of him.
I carried him back to the car ... and they didn't get out again until we got home.

Now they are home.
One day, they will make beautiful puppies.
So we have started a new family business ... breeding! 

Friday, August 5, 2016


When in Rome.
Ouray is considered Colorado's jeeping capital.
Jeeps, Jeeps, everywhere.
Monkey see.  Monkey do.

Steve wanted to give it a go.
So, we did.

A one day jeep rental.
Man was it fun.
Six of us crammed into a small car.
Thankfully the kids have little butts!
Steve did all the driving.
Up and over Ophir Pass to Telluride.

Telluride is a super cute and quaint mountain town.
AND it had a free gondola ride!
So, up we went.
We hiked back down.
Although it was fun ... we couldn't drive back over Ophir Pass back to Ouray.
Next time, we'll jeep for an entire day, then spend a day in Telluride.

The End.
The next day we went home.

Ouray and Silverton

Ouray is another one of those Colorado mountain towns I have always dreamed of visiting again.
I remember going with my parents when I was young.
That was - um - a long, long time ago.
Naturally, it did not disappoint.

We set up home for three nights at the KOA just outside of town.
Day trips would be how we would visit the area.
These old, historic mining towns, filled with all kinds of history!

Yes, I just had to get a funnel cake!

Although low clouds and rain settled in,  the drive up over Red Mountain pass to Silverton was absolutely spectacular.  The old mines.  The beauty of the Rocky Mountains.  Wow.

Red Mountain


Palisade and Grand Mesa

I've always wanted to go pick my own peaches in Palisade.
Unfortunately, there are no U-pick farms.
But we bought a box from one of the smaller farms.

Then we took dad's suggestion and went up over Grand Mesa.
I've never been up there.
I envisioned a mesa.
Flat.  Brown.  Dusty.  Rocky.
It was one of the most beautiful places I've seen in all of Colorado.
We will absolutely beat a path back here and stay a few nights!