Monday, June 27, 2016

Day-of-Wedding Coordinator

I never thought I would coordinate a wedding.
But I am.
We decided to offer the Day-of-Coordinator as a way for Tammy to earn some extra cash.
At $625, it's well worth it.
But, Tammy has been a bit afraid to step into this role ... so I did!

My first go at it was last week.
Jordyn Poellot.  Her mom, Sherri, is a friend from Ridgeline.
Sherri wanted to hire a planner, but didn't want to pay much.
She offered $400.
It was a very last minute thing ... and she had lots of people helping.
So, I didn't do much.
I helped with set-up, directed the ceremony, checked on the food table, collected some trash, and locked the Barn.

As the wedding fell on Father's Day ... and it was hot ... the party ended early.
We took our $400 and went out to dinner to celebrate Steve.

Then, I had another one yesterday, June 26th.
The Maddock wedding.
It was a shot-gun wedding, with the planning time less than a month.
The MOB lives in Texas and was concerned that we wouldn't get it all done.
She hired Spice of Life.  They took care of most of the details.
I simply helped a bit.  Truly, very little.
I did keep the schedule flowing.
I locked the Barn.

It's a fun job - and easy work to earn a quick $1025.

I have one more scheduled for August 28th.
It's a fun addition to our little business ... and makes facilitating weddings even more fun for me.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


This week is VBS at Aspen Ridge.

We have entered a new season with only two littles, who can participate.
Shiloh and Landon are both too old to participate now.
So, Shiloh is volunteering in Liberty's class.
Landon is volunteering in games.
(I did not want to volunteer.)

Shiloh has enjoyed it.  She's risen to the occasion and has ben a big helper.
Landon, on the other hand, is not having fun.  He was bummed that Chance wasn't there.  He hasn't connected with any o the older kids ...
and today, he took his iPod and played on it during song time.  He even came home crying, saying he didn't want to go back.

Meanwhile, Sawyer and Liberty are having the time of their life.
They have loved it.
We will keep doing it, for the sake of the Littles, but I expect that next year, Landon might opt to stay home!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Baseball - Swim - Dance

The boys have been playing ball this summer.
Landon played with West Jeff.
Sawyer is playing with Foothills Parks and Rec.

Shiloh has become a fish.  She took a stroke technique class.
Now, she's on a non-competitive swim team.

Just yesterday, I signed Liberty up for a jazz dance class.
"All she wants to do is dance."

It's fun watching them all find the activity that they love.

We still have summer swim lessons in July for Landon, Sawyer and Liberty.

Then, we'll see what the fall brings.
Landon is already talking about another sport ... any sport.
Liberty wants to keep on dancing.
Sawyer wants to play basketball or football.

Crazy kids.
They certainly know how to keep our life full!

Saturday, June 18, 2016


As of Thursday, we have a teenager in the house!
This lovely girl is now 13.
Saying that she is excited is a gross understatement!

Since our big celebration was in May, this week was a more intimate celebration.
On her birthday, she got to open a few presents ... and choose her favorite dinner ... Chinese salad.

Then today, we had a family brunch.  She chose waffles, then I made crepes too.
The Stucky's even came up.
She was given more $$ - another $13 from both sets of grandparents, iTunes gift cards, a Barnes & Noble gift card, a purse, and a few clothes.  Without a doubt, she was lavished with love.

One more birthday present yet to come ... I plan to make her a photo book from our trip.
In the back of the book, I've collected notes of encouragement for her from friends.
I hope it's one of those birthdays that she will never forget!

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Den and Parlor

At last ... the Den and Parlor are finished!
What a labor of love!

Here's what the Den looked like when we bought the property.

John threw up framing last summer.  The plumbing was still being worked on in November.
The months passed by ... and by ... and by ...

Until the first client used it on June 3rd!

The Parlor was used for the first time on Saturday, the 11th, by Caitlin Wells!
Here's the before photo.

Framing in November ...

After flooring and decorating.  I love this room.

With a long line-up of bookings, these rooms will get lots of use!

We allow the bride and groom to use these rooms on the day of their wedding.
A 3-hour or 6-hour booking gives them ample time to get ready before heading over to the Barn for their wedding.

We still don't have all of our paperwork in for the re-zone application.
That could take another 6 months.
We hope that Victoria will continue to keep Evergreen Academy open, at least for a couple of years.
We are not ready to remodel the upper level.
Although ... it will be super awesome when that entire building is the Double M Lodge!

Saturday, June 4, 2016


This year, Landon is playing on a competitive team in Evergreen.
Try-outs were in the fall.
Baseball started in March.
Yes, March in Evergreen.
Needless, to say, many practices and games were cancelled due to snow!

When it finally stopped snowing, the rains came.
Most games were wet, like this one.

Then, we had a handful of days like this one.

Steve coached Landon's team.
Unfortunately, they didn't have a great team ... only winning 2 games.
The losses were blow-outs too!  =(

They had a fun season, despite the losses and politics of the league.
It's looking like a fall club team might be in Landon's future.