Monday, April 11, 2016


Shiloh was given movie passes for doing the Bible Quiz.
She wanted to go see Zootopia.

With Steve and Landon attending a hunter's safety course this weekend, I took them to Colorado Mills to see a matinee after church.

While the storyline was entertaining (particularly the sloths) ...
a few dark scenes scared the Littles!

I was disappointed to find that the message was about
accepting one another's differences
and a clear statement that "you can be whatever you want to be."

Interestingly, Pastor Jim has been teaching a series entitled Piece by Piece.
He's primarily addressing marriage relationships.
Last week, he told the story of a young Christian man who, while attending college, heard a gay men's choir sing at an assembly.
After the concert, the man raised his hand to ask 2 questions ...
#1 - if he wanted to be in the choir, could he apply?  The answer was NO.
#2 - if he started a Christian men's choir, could he only accept Christian men?
The answer was not given ... and an uproar followed.

Pastor Jim also shared a newspaper article that told how public schools are now "educating" preschoolers in tolerance and the normality of same-sex households.  The thinking is that at the preschool age, kids are more susceptible to this kind of teaching, whereas by the elementary age, many are challenging the teaching.  So ... why not start younger?

It's a subtle, yet not so subtle message.
Zootopia may have been more subtle, but if they can get the message across in a cute little movie about animals ... then when our politicians, leaders, and teachers say the same message, the flock will easily accept their words without an argument.

Our culture is changing so incredibly fast, it's overwhelming!
It's so very disturbing.

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  1. A very slippery slope... I often cling to the truth... that at the end of the day... My kingdom is God's kingdom. I will give him my concerns, troubles and worries about where the world is going. I will choose to trust that HE is the keeper of our tomorrows. I believe the best way to combat these teachings is to lift up Jesus. "And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself." Jn 12:32 Let's continue to praise and honor the King, so we can be a part of advancing the kingdom of God here on earth... in love, truth, word, deed and worship.