Friday, January 15, 2016


This darling is 6 years old.

1 year old
Liberty is such a sweetie.
She's smart as a whip.
She chases her brothers and does everything they do.
She is in K-5, wishing she were in 2nd grade like Sawyer.
Yet, she still wants a tag on a stuffed animal, her "dee-dee" (blanket), and her thumb.
I love this little dumpling.

She wanted an Ariel cake ... and to go to the pool with the Davidsons.
She got her heart's desire.
We celebrated at home on the 13th.
Then, after CC yesterday, we loaded up 4 Davidson's in our car (double buckling 2 sets of kids) and set off for King Soopers, sub sandwiches, chips .. and the pool at the MAC in Castle Rock.
The Himes joined us ... and Poppi got ice cream sandwiches to eat after swimming.

She was one happy girl!  It was the perfect celebration for a SIX year old.
I love you, Liberty Cate.
You are such a gift.
You're my little dumpling.
My baby.

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