Tuesday, October 27, 2015


We have finally found a church.
After 5 months of looking and visiting churches ...
we visited a church on Sunday and it's home.

The service is much like the services were at Mars Hill in Seattle.
The room is dark, worship is loud, and the teaching is sound.
There are 3 campuses, the first one started in Lafayette, then downtown Denver,
and now in Genesee.  It's a 25 minute drive, but totally worth it.

They use the ESV and their recommended reading list includes authors such as ...
John Piper
Tim Keller
Douglas Wilson
J.I. Packer
and Biblical Manhood and Womanhood by Piper and Grudem

The pastor is Jim Burgen.
He's bold and unashamed about the message he preaches ...
primarily targeting men and their lack of leadership.

It is such a relief to finally have a home church.
Now ... to start building community.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Probably one of the biggest mistakes we made was taking on a huge remodeling job right from the start ... with 40 weddings staring us in the face.
We closed on the property, put our house on the market, moved to Evergreen, started running a business, AND started remodeling the Cottage and lower level of the school.
It has been a bit too much.

One of our biggest mistakes in it was hiring John Wingate to do the work.
He has proved to be a huge source of conflict among all of us.
The remodel has cots us far more than we expected
... both in time and money.

We had a groom who offered to lay the floors, in exchange for a price reduction on his wedding.
Then, he decided not to get married here.
The saga stories go on and on and on.

The school is really a mess and is moving sLowLy.
We have a groom who is trading light installation for his wedding.
He's a great job and is working to get it done by the end of the year.

I think after we get all this finished ... we'll all welcome a long break from remodeling.
It's simply been too much too fast.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Tours, Bookings, and Weddings

September was filled with tours and bookings ... and weddings.
With 35 weddings from May until early October ...
and another 8 to go before year's end, we were busy.

After giving hourly tours on Saturdays, sometimes a tour every hour on the hour for 6 hours ...
Steve wised up and decided we should offer group tours.
So, now, we give 1-2 tours on Saturdays, and typically only 1 tour on Sundays.
It's a huge relief.
Typically, 4-5 couples come to a tour, then we are done.
It's super nice.

We are getting to know the caterers, have mastered setting up the barn and the ceremony chairs ...
and have learned the ins-and-outs of building hosting and cleaning the barn.
We continue to make changes to pricing, how we host events, and even our cleaning policy.

We wrestle with whether or not we want to continue leasing the Professional Building from Christina ... and hosting weddings at the Terrace.
Our relationship with Christina isn't going well and we don't know if it's worth having a lease with her, as it creates more stress than anything else.

Running this business has been a high learning curve ... but we are enjoying this new venture.