Thursday, July 30, 2015

Parker CC

At last ... I got approval to stay in Parker !!!!
And there was much rejoicing.

Colleen, the Support Manager over Parker, was not thrilled, but she allowed it.
She made it clear that she didn't like it and wanted me to go to Evergreen.
But the way I see it, as a paying parent, the decision is mine.
I am so relieved.
Shiloh will have such a better experience her first year in Challenge with Sally Avery as the director and 8 other kids in the classroom.

I too will have a better year, staying in community with Andie, Sally, Jen, Grace, Ashley, Cynthia, Merinda... what a joy.
I don't know when or if I'll ever want to change to Evergreen.
I love my CC community and I'm elated that I can stay put for another year.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


I'm usually a once-a-year-vbs kind of mom.
But this year, I welcomed the extra week of VBS.
The first one was in June at Aspen Ridge.
This week is at Bergen Park Church.

As I've mostly unpacked ... this week I'm going to enjoy hiking.
Tomorrow, I'm going to Elk Meadow.
Then Maxwell Falls another day.

The kids are off, happily making friends.
And I am enjoying some much needed alone time!

Monday, July 20, 2015

CC Community

After moving to Evergreen, deciding where to be a part of CC has been a very difficult decision.
Back in December, I visited CC in Evergreen.  I didn't like it as much as our community in Parker, but the moms were nice.  One mom, Melissa Hemmnes, has a son who is old enough for Challenge A and she ended up stepping up to direct.
Steve strongly felt that we needed to have our community be right here in Evergreen.
So, I transferred my paperwork from Parker to Evergreen about a month ago.

Now, the reality of life in Evergreen has set in, and all of the work and stress that has come with it.
While I love being here and I am struggling with all the changes.
Steve quit his job and is home full-time now.
The business is highly demanding.
We are constantly around people but have no friends.
My entire life has changed again and I'm just not ready to let go of my friends in Parker.
It's only an hour away and is one day a week.

Unfortunately, in my indecision, the Ch-A class in Parker has filled up.
Sally has 8 kids already and they might not be able to take Shiloh.
While the policy is 8-12 kids per class, "best practice" is 8 kids.
So, I have to wait for approval for the higher-ups.

This has been a highly emotional process for me.
I have spent much time in tears, struggling through my decision.
I just can't bear the thought of leaving the community that I have.
After 4 years with CC and 3 different communities, I finally feel at home.
I just not ready for that to change.

Sunday, July 12, 2015


It was our 2nd time at the Davidson's 5k fundraiser for Paideia Missions.
The Davidson's have their own non-profit 
which exists to disciple the nations through home education.
They travel to Russia at least once a year to teach and train families in home education.

I love their vision.
I love supporting them.

It was a fun day running/ biking ... eating pig roast for lunch!
and water balloon games.

Monday, July 6, 2015


We started a round of swimming lessons last Monday, June 29th.
Evergreen has 2 rec centers.
Wulf Rec Center has lap pools, no zero entry, and is cooler.
Buchanan Rec Center is new and has a splash area for little ones, along with tons of activities.
I was told to sign the Littles up at Buchanan (9:15 - 9:55)
and the Bigs at Wulf (10:20 - 11).
No problem, I thought.

But on the first day, I got all mixed up and went to Wulf first.
I didn't make that mistake twice.

The kids loved swim lessons.
And Wulf has a nice playground and skate park.
I was having flash backs to when I was a kid and played racquetball with Judy at Wulf.
The building hasn't changed a bit.
So, 4 days a week for 2 weeks will find us playing in the pool and at the skate park.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July

After working at home, shopping at Home Depot and Walmart
.. and hanging out at McDonalds,
we decided to head over to Georgetown to see the fireworks.

 We sat in the back of the car ... and waited out the rain, hoping they wouldn't cancel the show!

Thankfully, they didn't ... and it was an awesome show!!!

We had a fun time remembering some firework shows we have gone to ...
like the time we were at the hot air balloon fiesta in 2008 and they started going off over our heads.
We made a mad dash to the car, with 2 crying kids!

There were a few years we watched them from our deck in Colorado Springs
.. and our patio in Albuquerque, as they were fired overhead from the AAA stadium.

And the time we were in Seattle in 2010, camping with our small group for the 4th...
the neighbors were shooting off fireworks over our head.
Sawyer and Liberty were crying uncontrollably.  
We thought about packing it up and heading home, but tufted it out.

After that experience, we went to Canada in 2011, to get away from fireworks!
In 2012, we watched them from the Rec Center parking lot, as they were shot off over Castle Rock.

Two years, we were in Granby Ranch ... and the crowds kept us from staying to watch them.
Last year, we got rained out in Sedona.

This year beat them all!