Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Emily McHugh (Molly Brown), Noel Davidson (Sacajawea),
and Shiloh Stucky (Harriet Tubman)

Faces of History was on week 23.
Shiloh was Harriet Tubman
Landon was Teddy Roosevelt
It was a great day!
18 kids presenting their papers.
I was so proud of Shiloh ... who memorized her paper and Landon who memorized most of his.
They were AdOrAbLe!

Yesterday was Memory Masters.
Seven kids - and one Mom, me!
We all went to the Brimberry's house and tested all day long ... finishing about 3pm.
Everyone made it!

The Bigs went to the McHugh's for the afternoon to play.
They had a great time playing in the canyon ... and the boys made mud masks.

Landon, Rory McHugh, and Colum McHugh

It was a GrEaT year!
Although it's always sad when CC ends, but I'm also glad it's over.
... now to start packing ... and moving!

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