Friday, February 27, 2015


Winter has settled in.
We have had more snow in the last week then we've had almost all winter.
In fact, we've broken a 100-year old record.
The most snow ever recorded was back in 1912 ... 22.1 inches.
We broke that record yesterday, reaching 22.2 inches.
That's right.  0.1 inches has broken the record.

And with winter comes colds.
Runny noses.
Not fun.
Thankfully, we are not really sick, just a little sick.

Just this week,
church was only one service, not two,
Mock Memory Masters was cancelled on Monday and moved to Wednesday,
choir was cancelled on Monday,
and Awana was cancelled on Wednesday.
With a CC winter break, we've had a pretty uneventful week at home.

Steve has a comp day today, so he's home.
Other than a lunch time book club, a trip to Walmart ...
and a board meeting tomorrow,
things are pretty quiet around here.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Circle Maker

My mom has been reading this book by Mark Batterson.
The Circle Maker
Praying circles around your biggest dreams and greatest fears.

I didn't know what to think.
Would it be another name-it-and-claim-it prayer book?
No, quite the contrary!

The legend of the Circle Maker.
1st century BC.
A devastating drought.
With a six-foot staff in his hand, Hone began to turn like a math compass.
Three hundred sixty degrees.
With authority, Honi called down rain.
Then it happened.
Raindrops descended to the earth.

As we age, either imagination overtakes memory or memory overtakes imagination.
Imagination is the road less taken, but it is the pathway to prayer.
Prayer and imagination are directly proportional: 
   the more you pray the bigger your imagination becomes.

If you keep praying, you'll keep dreaming, and conversely, 
if you keep dreaming, you'll keep praying.
The more you pray the bigger your dreams will become.
And the bigger your dreams become the more you will have to pray.
In that process of drawing ever-enlarging prayer circles, the sphere of God's glory is expanded.

Our date of death is not the date etched on our tombstone.  
The day we stop dreaming is the day we start dying.
When imagination is sacrificed on the alter of logic, God is robbed of the glory that rightfully belongs to Him.
In fact, the death of a dream is often a sublet form of idolatry.
We lose faith in the God who gave us the big dream and settle for a small dream that we can accomplish without His help.
We go after dreams that don't require divine intervention.

Nothing honors God more than a big dream that is way beyond our ability to accomplish.
Because there is no way we can take credit for it.
And nothing is better for our spiritual development than a big dream because it keeps us on our knees in raw dependence on God.
Drawing prayer circles around our dreams isn't just a mechanism whereby we accomplish great things for God; it's a mechanism whereby God accomplishes great things in us.

And so, as I read, I find my doubts being exposed ...
and my faith being challenged .. and stretched.


Well, I'm 44.
It was a pretty uneventful celebration.
The Secret Garden play was a disappointment.
We went to Target afterward to open presents.
My sweet family is always so thoughtful.

Then on Sunday, we went to church.
Steve made me an omelet for brunch.
Kristen watched the kids so we could go out.
BOGO Qdoba, a free drink at Starbucks ...

Meanwhile, we continue to wait {impatiently} for word from the bank on Evergreen.
The days have turned into weeks
   have turned into months.
It's been almost 5 months now since we first saw the listing.
Monday, September 29.

Just when we think we'll have an answer, we don't.
It's not easy waiting.
But meanwhile, my faith is being tested, my ability to trust God's plan is being stretched.
I know He knows what I don't ...
and He will make the answer clear in time.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Birthday Celebration

We just celebrated Mom's BIG birthday.
Shhhh ....  I can't say how old she is now.

Tomorrow is my birthday.
Next Saturday is Shawnie's ...
and Steve's is March 1st.

So, today we celebrate.
We are going to the Lone Tree Performing Arts Center
so we can see the Secret Garden.
I just finished reading the book (it's a Challenge A book)
and I asked Shiloh to read it.
I'm excited to see it, especially since I've read the book!

Bring on a new year!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Pre-teen Helper

Today, I took Shiloh to MOPS to help in MOPPETS.
They were short helpers.
So, I volunteered her.

She's 11.
She's signed up for babysitting training next month.
My girl.

Don't blink ...
because just like that, they become pre-teen helpers.