Monday, January 26, 2015


I have never been very good at waiting.
This time is no different.

The timeline on this property has been quite long.

August - September - Steve and I had the initial idea of looking for property in Evergreen

Late September ... We first saw the property online

October 6 - Our first showing
     After researching the details of the property, and finding the right realtor ...

November 3 - We made our first offer
    After counter offer, negotiations, another counter offer, and more negotiations ...

December 1 - At last, we finally signed a contract

December 15 - early January ...  meetings with bankers
     Little did we know, acquiring a bank loan would be such a challenge!
     4, 5, 6, 7 banks later ...

January 22 - A meeting with Jefferson County to confirm our ability to change building usages.
     The school -> a Lodge ....  The library -> a Cottage
     With approval from the county ...

January 26 - 28 - We emailed paperwork, and more paperwork to the bank.

January 30 - Tom emailed to say that the initial read on the loan is "quite positive"
     We are moving ahead!!!

January 31 - Tomorrow was the last day to get bank approval, without having to file for an extension.

March 2 - Closing day

It's a relief to know that we are moving forward.
Not knowing has impacted everything.
My mind is filled with questions.
What about Steve's job?
What about CC?  Should I direct Challenge A?
Do we need to be working on getting our house market ready?
Are we moving ... or not?

Now, it seems that yes ... we will be moving.
I am overjoyed!

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