Monday, January 19, 2015


Steve really wants a dog.
It seems that he thinks the kids would enjoy having a dog.

About a year ago, he put a post on Craig's List, without telling me.
He asked for a free dog.
When he found 2 dogs he wanted to get ... then he told me.

Peanut and Lucy came to live with us ... for a few short days.
Shiloh had an allergic reaction to them.
So, they went back to their owner.

But this opened up a big 'ole can ...
and he reposted on Craig's List - "homeschool family wants a dog."

Murphy came to live with us in November 2013.
He stayed until April, when he started biting.
We just couldn't have a dog that bit.
And at every opportunity, he would chase a child, adult, whomever ... and bite.

When Murphy went back to his owners in April, I thought this idea was behind us.
It was ... for a few months.
In October, we watched Worndo, a Chihuahua.  He was just here again for 2 days.

On Saturday, Steve had this idea to go to a doggie adoption day.
I was gone at a Mavuno Market event.
Steve took the kids to Petsmart.
"We won't get a dog, we'll just look," I was told.
"I've already told the kids, don't worry."
But by 9:45am, they had found a dog ...
and Steve was calling to ask me what I thought.

Well ... if he could find a female that we could breed, and sell the pups, then maybe.
With Evergreen on the horizon, I told him I was open to the idea.
But I did not expect that he would get one the same day.
Not 2 hours later ... he was heading home with a dog.

Meet Daisy.
Or Olive Oil.
Or Lil Mama, as they called her.
She just had a litter of puppies.
She's a mutt.

Shiloh is allergic to her.
Poor girl.
And now that we have another dog in the house, the emotion is piqued again.

Daisy is going back ... but the search for a dog has just begun.

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