Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An Idea

We went to Beaver Creek to check out a resort for the Passion for Orphans retreat.
We had such a great time!
The hotel was awesome and the leaves were breathtaking!

It's such a treat - to get away for a night - all expense paid ...
to consider what I want the retreat to look like next year.
We walked over to BC Village and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant.
Frankie Sheridan was the bartender!!!!

We took a short hike on the mountain.

The kids played in the pool.
It was a fabulous day away.

On the way home, I had an idea!
After Steve and I had our huge fight a month or so ago,
I've done a lot of soul searching.
I identified that I've been angry at him because he doesn't want to be a missionary.
I've tried to talk him into it.
I've attempted to use manipulation to get him to Tanzania.
I realized that when we were dating, he was more willing to go overseas.
I believed he might want to go long term some day.
Full time ministry.
That was our calling.
That was our direction as a couple.

But it's not.

So, if it's not, then what is?
Where are we going?
Will he always work at MSI and I stay home and homeschool?
What if we were to find a retreat center?
We could buy some land in the mountains and host retreats.

And so the idea is in motion.
I do not know ... but it is a great idea!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Changing Seasons

I love the change of seasons.
Fall is my favorite.
When the hot summer days become crisp ...
and the leaves begin to change.

Seasonal changes cause me to pause.
One season has past.
Summer is gone.
What did I do?  How did I spend the days?

And now, with a new season here,
what will I do with this one?
How will I fill my days?
What will I do to make this season memorable?

My babies are growing up.
Right before my very eyes ... they are changing.

December 2010

September 2014
Oh, to savor the seasons.
To live every day to the fullest.
To breathe in deeply and enjoy the simple moments.

With fall comes a busyness.
The start of the school year and CC.
Mavuno Market keeps us running with our vision night and craft shows.
The holidays creep up on me and are gone in a flash.

It's not easy to practice slowing ... but it's critical in such a busy season.
Just to slow down.
To appreciate each and every moment ...

Thursday, September 25, 2014


This precious boy turned TEN!

Landon is such a gift.
He's a hard worker, diligent with his school work, motivated ...
and he has such a soft heart.
He loves baseball, Star Wars, going to CC, playing with Legos and so much more.

Being an even birthday, he got to have a party.
He invited his friends from CC to a baseball party on Sunday.
The Wilson boys and Sam Avery came to celebrate with him.
Steve took them all to the batting cages.
Then, we had cake & ice cream.

Aunt Shawn celebrated with us on Friday night.
Grandma and Grandpa Stucky celebrated with us after his party Sunday night.
Then, Richie & Poppi came over to celebrate with us on Monday.
He got 4 sets of Star Wars Legos, a Star Wars t-shirt and $20 cash.
AND my gifts (more Star Wars Legos) just arrived from Amazon today.
So, he gets to open those tomorrow!

It was a fun celebration!
We love you, Buddy.  More than you'll ever know!

Daniel, Caleb, Landon, Eli, Sawyer, Sam
Liberty, Eliza, Shiloh

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Georgetown Loop Railroad

My mom bought our family an annual pass to History Colorado.
With it came 2 tickets for the Georgetown Loop Railroad.
So, we took that as an opportunity for a date day!

We started our day with breakfast in Georgetown ....
Then, we walked around the shops.
At 12, we boarded the train.


Completed in 1884, it runs between Georgetown and Silver Plume, about 2 miles apart.

We also got to take a tour of an old silver mine.
It took us 500 feet into a mine tunnel bored during the 1870s.

The weather was PeRfEcT!
And the leaves were turning.
It was a perfect day.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hope and Healing

I've been working on my teaching for the Passion for Orphans retreat.

The theme is Hope and Healing.
I've been struggling to find the words that I want to say ...

There are some days that the brokenness of my own life is so overwhelming,
I feel like I'm drowning in the emotional fall-out from it.
I fail as a mom and wife, reacting to situations in an ungodly manner.
I fail in my personal growth, as the hurt and pain can be overbearing.

There are many days I feel alone in my struggles.
I wonder if anyone else struggles in a similar way.

What do I have to say to a room full of moms?
How can my words bring encouragement to them in their journeys?

Then, I get a small glimpse of someone else's story.
I see their brokenness, their pain.
It helps remind me that I am not alone in my struggles.
So many women struggle with feelings of inadequacy.
We fail to parent well, or meet the needs of our husbands.
We fly off the handle in a moment of weakness ... only to have to apologize to the one we hurt ... again ... for saying something that we wish hadn't even been a thought.

This world we live in is a broken, messed up place.
The need for healing is intense.
At the cross, we find a small glimpse of the healing that is to come.
In the presence of our loving Father, we find peace amidst the storm.

My greatest prayer is that my story will bring encouragement to many.
As I share my personal struggles, that God will be glorified.
Without His strength and presence, I am absolutely nothing.
Without my hope in what is to come ... this life loses its meaning.

May the women who hear my story be encouraged and strengthened to press on!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


One of the best parts of being on the cruise was being pampered!!
Our room was cleaned twice a day.
Every night, our sheets were turned back, with a towel animal on the foot of the bed.

The kids learned how to make them too - Landon's is on the left.

One morning, we awoke to quite the sight on the pool deck!

Every night, we had a 3-course meal in the dining room.
Francisco, Joel, and Rammie were the perfect hosts.
The kids loved ordering a starter, main course, and dessert.
Each evening, the wait staff entertained us with singing and dancing.
Meal time was quite memorable!

Poppi & Landon
Richie & Cindy
Nancy, Liberty, and Shawnie
Shiloh and Daddy
Francisco and Sawyer

Camp Carnival was a fun place for the kids ...
and a welcomed opportunity to have some time without the kids for a bit.
Being with my family for an entire week, was such a gift!
My parents generosity blessed us beyond imagination!

Landon and Poppi

Nancy, Mom, and Shawnie
Dad and Mom

Our last night we stayed at Key Largo.
Although our hotel was only about a 2-star hotel, or "dingy" as Steve called it...
the sunset was worth every penny!